Frequently Asked Questions

Is Collective Heart a non-profit organization?
We are an all volunteer-run, non-profit organization, passionate and committed to educating our world's children. have started in East Africa where we've built several schools in deserving communities in Uganda and Kenya.

How long has Collective Heart been serving children in Africa?
Since 2007, we have raised funds and built a new school every year in Uganda or Kenya, East Africa. Currently, only about 65% of children in Uganda and Kenya attend school because of the lack of classrooms, so building schools and providing educational resources to children and their families are sorely needed.

Why Africa?
Over 120 million children around the world will never step into a classroom and 30% of them are in Africa. If we can succeed in Africa, we can succeed anywhere. Through partnerships within country partner who are on the ground, our development model, which spans education, microfinance, justice, empowerment and income-generation training, and public health outreach and support, is aimed to reach up to 600,000 people in Uganda’s Luwero districts, and over 500,000 people the Rift Valley region of southwestern Kenya.

What do children receive?
Children at each of our school projects receive full access to and opportunities to thrive from offerings such as The Girl Effect Project, which empowers and trains young girls, and Project Justice, which protects community members rights, trains paralegals, healthcare workers, community members, and others so crimes are reported and justice is upheld. More than 8,000 children have also been tested for HIV/AIDS, malaria nets and medicines distributed, and a generator given to the local hospital to serve thousands with better healthcare.

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