The Childrens Academy for the
Collective Heart, Kyeunze, Uganda

Here in this remote community of Kyeunze, Uganda, The Collective Heart is supporting the education and training of nearly 300 students, 50 percent of whom are girls from the most remote, impoverished villages, who otherwise might have repeated their mothers’ cycles of illiteracy. Working closely with parents and leaders to spark a seismic, historic shift in the attitude of communities toward children’s education, rights, health and empowerment.

Village leaders and parents once resistant to girls’ education now clamor for more schools and more advanced educational opportunities. Community members made 15,000 bricks as their co-investment in the new school—a symbol of their determination and resolve to educate even more economically deprived children.
• Completed school structures (4 school rooms)
• Students enrolled: ~400
• Refurbished/built new pit latrines
• Additional Housing for Teachers
• Conducted training workshops in emotional education and teacher training
• Promoting unprecedented justice, microfinance, and employment advancement

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