The Childrens Academy for the
Collective Heart, Beau’s School in
Kitakamu, Luwero District, Uganda

The Children’s Academy for the Collective Heart, "Beau's School" is on track to become one of the finest, most accomplished private boarding schools in all of Uganda. The official opening day of the Children’s Academy for the Collective Heart was an exciting moment in our nearly five-year history in Uganda.

It’s the dream of every growing private school in Uganda to have a boarding section where children can live throughout the year. And it’s The Collective Heart's goal, working in conjunction with Just Like My Child as our partner, to create one of the finest primary schools in the country. Within the Ugandan context, this means that there must be a dormitory section so children can come from far away and not have to travel daily. Having a dormitory section will allow the school to attract the best and brightest from throughout the region.

It’s hard to overstate how difficult it is for a child to travel long distances to school daily and the dangers he or she faces while traversing ill-paved highways with mechanically damaged trucks thundering by at top speed. This dormitory section will allow the school to grow and thrive in ways that are hard to imagine by our standards.

• Completed two school structures (6 school rooms)
• Built 12 pit latrines
• Completed 3-apartment block of teacher housing plus gardens for the teacher
• Hired qualified head-mistress and paid the salary for first year
• Classroom, supplies and hand-made desks and chairs for 150 children and teachers to sit at individual desks with textbooks and chalkboards and all the necessary supplies
• 12-pit latrine stalls (3 blocks of 4)
• Conducted four training workshops in emotional education and teacher training

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