Be a part of The Collective Heart's
4th Annual Love-A-Thon

You are invited to join the fun, as we spread
love across the planet

Debbie Ford and our entire Collective Heart community are out
to cause a revolution of love beginning this week, and continuing through Valentine's Day

Are you ready to blast the planet with love, to give a gift that keeps on giving this Valentine's Day—a gift that will contribute to transformational education and love around the world?

During this month of love, who do you want to acknowledge?
Who do you want to thank?
Who do you want to express your love and compassion to?

This week, join our Love-A-Thon and be a link in our love chain. Make a donation to the Collective Heart in honor and recognition of everyone you care about and receive beautiful necklaces and 'Love Cards' that can be given as gifts for Valentine’s Day!

A gift of any size supports the lifesaving mission of the Collective Heart. Whether it's responding to teaching skills that can save a life or ensuring a child has the necessary resources required to learn—the Collective Heart supports thousands of children every day in becoming who they are meant to be through transformational education and love.

Share with your family, friends, clients, co-workers or neighbors our Collective Heart, beating together as one, in a way that has never happened before.

A little money can go a long way in making a difference in the life of a child, and ultimately, the world. Look at how far your money can go:

Just $10 provides lunch for one student for one school term of 3 months.
Just $25 provides the necessary books for one child for one year of school.
Just $50 provides a salary for one teacher for one month.
Just $100 provides teacher training and teaching supplies for an entire year.
Just $250 provides textbooks, desks and other reading materials for an entire classroom.
Just $500 provides a salary for one teacher for the entire school year.
Just $1,000 provides room and board at a school dormitory for a child in dire circumstances for one year.


Donate Online - Make a "Love Blast" Contribution

Please select the amount that you would like to contribute:

Take Action...On February 14th Spread Messages of Love to Everyone!
On this day let us all join together as we blast the planet with our collective love! Send messages to everyone. Use Facebook, Twitter, email, phone or texts to send your love around the world.

Together we will raise the vibration of LOVE across the planet, bringing hope, faith, courage and peace to everyone!

Commit Today...Join our Love-A-Thon 2011, and together let’s create a powerful day!

What to do when you are finished blasting your love this week:
If you are part of our Love-A-Thon chain of love, let's have some fun! Start by counting how many people you call, email, text or Facebook on the day of the event. Fill out the form below to submit your total counts and see how many people we’re reaching with our collective love.

Please ensure that each time you submit a count, you only submit unreported numbers. For example, if you submit a count at 8:00 a.m., and then again at 2:00 p.m. only report counts since your last submission—in this case, since 8:00 a.m.

You can start today, to live a live of unconditional love.

Become conscious of this simple intention and view your life from a different perspective, if even for just one day. Think about unconditional love and what it really means to you. Allow yourself to open up and actually feel the love you already have within. Accept the aspects of life that challenge you, whether from your past, present or view of the future. Decide to let love be your response to everyone and everything. See all life interconnected, joyful and safe. Choose to enjoy life no matter how difficult it may have been or how challenging you may perceive it to be. Just let love be your focus for the day and see what happens.

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